When to Call for a Roofing Repair Service

Common Signs of a Roofing Problem

The roofing system is presumably one of the components of your property that’s often neglected unless something serious happens. If you are guilty of this act, it is high time that you examine your roof for any possible problems. It is essentially important that you pay attention to any warning signs of damage to your roof. Through regular roofing inspections, you will be able to prevent costly roofing repair in the long run. Below are some of the common signs of a roofing problem:


Leaks in Your Attic

One definite sign of a roofing problem is the sight of water in your attic. If there are water and dark streaks in the attic, it shows that water has seeped through inside your house. Generally, this happens due to missing tiles, broken seals, or poorly installed roofing. Truthfully, this situation definitely requires immediate roofing repair service no matter what the cause of the leak is. Thus, it is a smart choice to contact a qualified roofing contractor right away in order to remedy the situation.


Mold and Moss Growth

Another sign that you may be experiencing a roofing problem is the growth of mold and moss on your roof, attic, or in the space between your ceiling and roof. Mold and moss usually grow where there is moisture. When they grow in your roof, it could mean that water has seeped into your roof. In this situation, taking advantage of a roofing repair service is a wise choice. Professional roofers will be able to identify the cause of the problem and provide the right solution.


Missing and Loose Roof Tiles

Moreover, it is also important to pay attention to the appearance of your roof. If you notice missing and loose roof tiles, you should consider hiring a qualified roofing contractor. A roof with loose or missing tiles could cave in if left unattended.

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