Signs to Avoid Roofing Contractor Scams

Warning Signs to Help You Avoid Scam Contractors

You will need to hire a competent contractor to complete any work you need to be done on your home, including remodeling, roof repairs or installs, or any other project. Because there are those out there who will abuse you when you’re in need, it’s critical to remain on guard. There are scam contractors everywhere. Therefore it’s crucial to be on the lookout for them and be aware of the indications that could lead to your fall. As a certified roofing contractor, we wanted to assist you in identifying the most prevalent red flags that you might be dealing with a con artist:

Lack of Licensing

Request documentation showing the contractor’s right to operate legally in your location, the type of project you need them to complete, and that they have the required licenses. A nearby, well-known company might not employ contractors who knock on doors, and many state licenses forbid them from working outside the state where the license was issued.

Requiring Large Upfront Deposits

How much a contractor may demand upfront is governed by various laws in each state. Most of the time, it falls between ten percent and thirty percent. Upfront payments are required for the contractor to purchase the materials and supplies required to begin the job. Therefore, reputable contractors will require some advance deposits, but if your contractor requests a sum that appears excessive, take it as a caution that you are probably dealing with con artists.

No Contract

Creating and signing the contract is the most crucial step in your agreement with a contractor. Always avoid contractors claiming a contract isn’t required, especially in the wake of any natural disaster. A contract is a written document that specifies the job to be performed, how long it should take, how much it should cost, the payment plan, the materials to be used, and other crucial details about the work that needs to be done.

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