Roofing Styles Used by a Roofing Contractor

Styles of Roof You Can Choose From

There are different aspects to consider to choose what is the right roofing style to be used on your property. One of the biggest factors is the external elements. The experts will know what type of roofing style is best for your home. Below are some of the roofing styles a roof installer has to choose from:

Flat Roof

Although it is not completely flat, it only has a small pitch and it allows water to go down from the roof. If you choose to use this roofing style, you will not need a big budget for it. Since it is easy to install, the installation fee will not be expensive. You do not need to buy a lot of materials as well. If you are having a roof installed in a budget, a flat roof is a good option for you. If you plan to have solar panels installed, this roofing style will be a plus, installation fee for the solar panels will definitely drop. The downside to a flat roof is its vulnerability to leaks. It is wise to use flooring materials that are seamless will solve the problem.

Gable Roof

If you are in an area where it rains and snows a lot, this is a good option for you. You will know a gable roof with their triangular shape. Its triangular shape makes the water and snow run down from it. Instead of getting stuck on the roof, they just go down. Make sure the roof installer you hire is capable of installing a gable roof. If the materials are not installed properly, strong winds could damage the roof.

Hip Roof

It is a roofing style where the four sides of the roof have slopes. They have the same length and meet at the top. Since the four sides of the roof have equal sides. It is more stable compared to a gable roof. If you live in a windy and snowy area, this is a great option for you. The way it is shaped, you can have extra attic space.

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