A Detailed Plan On How To Quickly Repair Roof Leaks

Professional Tips on How to Save Your Roof Shingles and Construction When a Leak Occurs

No matter how durable and strong your roof construction is, there comes a time when you may experience some small leaks, caused by damaged shingles. These problems can be fixed without spending a lot of money, when you do it immediately after you notice there is an issue. Today J Broni Roofing Solutions, of Queens NY, has decided to share a few of our roof repair secrets with you, in order to help you manage any small DIY project.

When you have a crack in your roof or a damaged shingle, you can follow the next 5 steps to fix it, without stressing yourself:

Roofers working on a repair project.1. Check if you have a tall ladder in your basement, in case you will need to climb the roof from the external part of your house. Get your tool box as well. If you are missing any of these two, ask your neighbor or a friend to borrow some tools and equipment.

2. Inspect where the cracks or roof blisters are, before you get started. You may use binoculars to do it from the ground level as well.

3. Mend the blisters – In order to do this, you must use a utility knife to cut a line through the middle of the blister. Squeeze out any water inside the blister to make sure that the area dries out.

4. Buy a small pack of roofing cement from your local handyman store and spread a generous amount of it under the loose felt. Press down and drive 6d galvanized roofing nails along each side of the repaired blister. Then cover the nail heads with some more cement.

5. Leave it to dry completely and do a small test pouring some water on top of it to check if the leak has been fixed.

Although, this 5 step roof repair plan makes everything look so easy, you may sometimes need professional equipment and products to eliminate the source of the leak. For these cases, you can always count on our company! Our team of expert roofers are just a phone call away!